Antibiotics for Acne

When it comes to moderate and severe acne, it is recommended to visit a doctor and ask for prescription medicines. Antibiotics have been found out to be one effective way to treat acne. And it can only be acquired with a dermatologist’s prescription. Antibiotics effect can be seen on skin faster that is why it is preferred by many. One main effect of antibiotics is reduction of bacteria in the skin surface and follicles. They also have anti-inflammatory infect that can help in avoiding future scars on the skin.

According to acne treatment reviews, antibiotics can either be topical or taken orally. Usually when acne is a moderate case, doctors start by prescribing you topical treatments. But when it comes to severe cases, oral medication is an option that is highly recommended. Here is a list of antibiotics that are most likely to be prescribed by dermatologists:


This antibiotic is often on topical form and is paired with benzoyl peroxide. Its main affect is stopping bacteria growth that causes acne. Also it can help in reducing amount of acne lesions. This might be the mildest form especially since it is applied on the skin surface.


Another antibiotic that is available in topical skin solution is erythromycin. It is also anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. It is also available in oral medication. It causes nausea and stomach upset but is said to be safe for pregnancy. Just to be sure though, consult your doctors first.


Tetracycline is the most prescribed antibiotic especially for persons suffering adult acne. It is kind of different since this medication should be taken with an empty stomach. And just like other antibiotics it has side effects. It is unsafe for pregnant women and those who are breast-feeding.


This is a derivative form of tetracycline. And unlike tetracycline, fasting is not really needed when taking this. This antibiotic is best suited for pustular acne. For those who do not know, pustular acne is characterized by bumps that are filled with pus or liquids.


This antibiotic is usually a resort when a person cannot tolerate or if not responsive to erythromycin or tetracycline. It also causes side effects like stomach upset and diarrhea but mainly it can increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun. So it is advised to wear sunscreen if you are taking this medication.

All of these antibiotics have side effects. So it is important that you listen well and take your doctor’s instructions seriously. Also it can counteract other medications you are taking especially birth control pills. Ask if you are in doubt and inform your dermatologist if you are feeling uncomfortable with the medicines effects.


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